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What We Do

Building world class business solutions for companies and institutions of all sizes. We center on the ideology that software should do the job for you freeing up valuable time that can be better spent elsewhere.


Our Approach

By focussing on the needs of businesses, considering how technology is moving forward, we apply a future-proof approach to make available solutions that streamline operations and inflate the bottom-line by enabling extra revenue sources.


Our Mission

We want to enable companies of all sizes to realise their goals, by providing top of the line business solutions, companies can stop focussing on the non-value add part of their operations and focus 100% on what they’re best at doing: providing their core values to the customers.


Zay.Works solutions beginnings originated from small business. We see so many products designed specifically for the larger Enterprise companies, because they’re the most profitable to target. We believe that if we enable the smaller companies to achieve their goals by giving access to enterprise-grade solutions during their growth stage, we will be rewarded in the long run. We are long-term focussed on helping companies achieve their strategic vision. Learn more how we help Small and Medium size enterprises.


One of the ways to get peoples out of poverty is through education – We focus on helping NGOs with their mission to provide free education to these communities.

All NGOs that have an objective to create a citizen movement where people who are privileged come forward and work towards a common goal of bridging the socio-economic gap which exists in our society get free access to all Zay.Works solutions.


Our Solutions focus on SMEs and NGOs, providing enterprise grade solutions under the Zay brandnames. We cater to large companies as well providing custom and white-label solutions to help streamline operations by reducing the administrative hassle that companies experience during the growth stages of their company. Contact us with your troubles, let’s see how we can cooperate and get that sorted.


Zay.Works By the Numbers

We’re a small team looking to accomplish big things. The goals we have set are on track, growing day by day, Zay™ Solutions help business, educational institutions, and NGOs in achieving cost optimizations enabling them to grow, and better yet realize their vision.

Highly Enthusiastic Team Members

€M in Operational Costs Saved for Companies Using Zay™ Solutions

Advanced Solutions Built for Companies of All Sizes

Years Of Experience in Education & Management Operations

Digital Content Distribution Ltd – Bulgaria

DCD Sofia was recently scaling its operations as it expanded to multiple Eastern European countries, causing a bottleneck in administration. Due to the operational requirements of navigating the complex regulatory requirements of each individual country, this enterprise needed an ERP solution that could automate their workflows so that they could focus on the value-add part of their business.

Zay.Works came into the picture by optimizing their invoicing workflow, automating the entire process through multiple integrations of their existing solutions processing all their payments through our ZayPay API.

Teddy Kids Daycares – Netherlands


ZayCare™ provides education management tools for daycares & schools spanning their entire business operations – The first ERP system designed by daycare providers specifically for daycare providers. An automation platform for a daycare company’s operations, taking away all work from the administration and streamlining management processes. Running the entire HR, Finance, Scheduling, and Day-to-Day planning of child care centres.

Teddy Kids daycares choice for ZayCare enabled it to grow its operations beyond the bounds they were initially experiencing. Low-Margins, high-turnover of staff, and difficulty in keeping up with administration, the solution was ever so clear. A digital approach was necessary to streamline operations. Read about their experience digitalising their workflow with ZayCare.



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More information to follow about NGOs using our solutions


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 Zay.Works Pte. Ltd.

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Singapore: +65 3138 8077

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India: +91 9960 509 991


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