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About the Zay.In project

What we have, the chances we are given, was given to us by our society as a whole. Every person is born with this debt to society.

We are given an opportunity to make our lives better, creating further opportunity, in turn we give back our success to the ones that have not had the chances we reaped. Once we have the capacity to give back, we must do so.



Our Mission.

The aim is to lower the operational cost of these foundations, to increase the value that teachers can give to these children in need, so that the NGO can use these resources to increase their charitable contribution to these communities.
By working together with NGO’s we can pool our resources into making the world a better place for the children in need.

How can we begin to give back, contribute? Where does ZayCare fit into this story?

One of the ways to get peoples out of poverty is through education – ZayCare focusses on helping NGOs with their mission to provide free education to these affected communities.

Any NGO that has an objective to create a citizen movement where people come forward and work towards a common goal of bridging the socio-economic gap which exists in our society is eligible for free access to ZayCare.


Become a Zay.In Registered School

Our goal is to enable NGO Schools to provide their best possible care and education without having to worry about the infrastructure required to manage the administrative side of their work.

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Helping Communities get Access to Education


Cost reduced


We’re ramping up to help as many NGOs as possible.

The path to helping solve the socio-economic gap is a long and arduous one. The more resources that are devoted to such ideas, movements the quicker we can get people out of poverty. We have started in India as it is close to home and our hearts – Our main development team making ZayCare (and other Zay.Works Solutions) is nested in the heart of Pune, India.

What is

Zay.In is our vision for enabling the underprivileged communities of the world (with a current focus on India, however not limited to) by providing NGOs with the tools they need to run their schools.

This is completely free of charge to them, free forever no strings attached.

Who is Zay.Works

A company with offices in the Netherlands, India, & Singapore with a range of products that focus on improving operational workflows within companies.


We currently focus on two segments:


  • EdTech solutions under ZayCare
    • automation of operations within schools and childcare organisations spanning HR, Finance, Scheduling & Planning, and much more.
  • FinTech solutions under ZayPay
    • Payment processing (incoming payments)
    • Spend management (outgoing payments)
    • Unique ID generator and decoder

What does Zaycare do?

Zaycare is a range of modules, education management tools for daycares & schools spanning the entire operation. It is the first planning system designed by care providers specifically for other care and education providers. An automation platform for a organisations operations, taking away all work from the administration and streamlining management processes. We run the entire HR, Finance, Scheduling, and Day-to-Day planning of child care centres and schools.

Who is can join the program?

We are accepting any and all NGOs that have a purpose to give equal opportunity to impoverished regions. Our products make the biggest impact within childcare and education organisations, however we can fit in other segments as well. The best thing to do is contact us and see how we can work together, our core is flexibility and we stand by this.

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Anyone and everyone can make a difference.